The files below are resources that we have found to be useful. If they are helpful, please let us know!

Data from several of our publications is available at figshare

Code we use is available from GitHub

  • CO2 calculator

    An excel worksheet useful for calculating CO2 speciation and distribution of δ13C among gas, bicarbonate, and carbonate.

  • SRB network scripts

    A set of R scripts used to calculate δ34S and δ33S fractionations through our inferred sulfate reduction network topology, given user input fractionation factors at each step. Described in our 2011 Geobiology paper. The scripts are available on GitHub. Please fork the repository, and if you find errors or make improvements, send a pull request.

  • DsrAB isotope data

    Dataset associated with Leavitt et al., 2015 paper examining the sulfur isotope effect associated with dissimilatory sulfite reductase, subunits A & B. These data are available for download from figshare.